Aqua One Dial A Diet Auto Feeder


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On holidays or just the convenience of having your fish fed regularly makes their dietary health care easy with the Aqua one Dial a Diet Auto Feeder

Dial a Diet Auto Feeder

Make feeding time a breeze with the Aqua One Dial a Diet

The automatic feeder can be set to feed up to 5 times a day and up to 3 portions per feed

This allows for different quantities to be fed at different times throughout the day.

Fish feeding has just become simpler

Suitable for: Coldwater Tropical and Marine

Features and Benefits:

  • Can be set to feed up to 5 times a day and up to 3 portions per feed.
  • Clear easy to read LCD screen with built in digital clock for accurate feed times.
  • Suitable for use with dry foods (i.e. flakes pellets etc).
  • Can be used manually or set to feed automatically.
  • 12 month warranty.
  • Hints & Tips:
  • Suitable for use with dry food only.
  • Keep the feeder away from splash/spray caused by airstones or filter outlets.
  • Water will cause food to clump and may prevent food from exiting the feeder.
  • Maintain food level between Max and Min levels.
  • Warning and Disclaimers:
  • Batteries not included – Requires 2 x AA batteries – not included.
  • Avoid high temperatures as they may cause feeder to malfunction
  • Replace the batteries when the LCD screen begins to fade or if the feeder rotates more slowly than usual.
  • Batteries are not covered under warranty.
  • Warranty does not cover improper use or damage caused by the user.