Aqua One Lifestyle 190 Aquarium Black – In Store Pick Up


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Aqua One Lifestyle tanks are an all-in-one including lighting and filtration. Just cycle adding a heater air pump gravel water and fish and you’re away.

Seamless front and side glass creates optimum viewing

  • LED lighting provides brighter clearer and more energy efficient lighting.
  • Convenient hinged hood allows plenty of room for easy access and maintenance
  • Two-way single switch LED lighting technology; Moonlight function with -Blue Only- option or -All Lights- (RGB) option.
  • Each Lifestyle aquarium is equipped with a top filter to keep your aquarium water clear
  • Sleek modern design
  • Available in black and white
  • Matching cabinets are available
  • The Aqua One Lifestyle range delivers style versatility and functionality with ease of use ensuring a successful first experience in fish keeping.

    The LifeStyle matching Cabinet range offers a strong and stylish design with storage space for aquarium equipment.

    The LifeStyle aquariums are equipped with LED lighting a hinged lid and a filter to keep the water clean.

  • 190 litres
  • 100 x 43 x 56cm
  • 29.5 watt RGB LED Light
  • 1450lph pump