Aqua One Precision 1500 Air Pump 60l/h


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Aqua One Precision Air Pumps are great value for money.

Features & Benefits:

Aqua One Precision Air Pumps has defied the odds and become an institution which the aquatic trade refuses to let go of.

Air pumps improve filtration system performance and overall water quality by increasing water flow which helps to eliminate localised build-up of toxic chemicals such as ammonia and nitrite. This makes for happy and healthy inhabitants..

The Precision 60 is designed for small tanks of approx 30 litres or less.
When using an air pump if the air pump is below the height of the water level – always use a check valve to prevent water siphoning back to the air pump.

  • Single Outlet
  • 60l/h
  • 2w
  • No Variable Speed Control