Aquarium Systems Bio Pellets


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NP Biopellets from Aquarium Systems will allow targeted degradation of nitrates and phosphates in seawater aquariums.
 Filtration by NP organic granules is a probiotic method in which thanks to the presence of an organic carbon source, heterotrophic marine bacteria promote nitrification and denitrification by growth of biomass.
Composed of 100% biodegradable polymers, they are both a colonization support and a nutritious source for bacteria intended to degrade nitrates and phosphates.
The bacteria will use NP Biopellets as a carbon source (energy source), nitrates and phosphates in the aquarium water as a source of nitrogen and phosphorus.
• To be used with a fluidized bed reactor.
• Composed of fully biodegradable polymers.
• Source of nutrients and ideal colonization support for bacteria degrading nitrates and phosphates.
• Additional source of nutrients for corals and filter feeders.
• Long-lasting action.
• 50ml is sufficient to treat 100l of aquarium water.
• With measuring spoon.

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