Cove 160


  • Ergonomic diffusion chamber evenly disperses the fine bubbles created by the PSK pump across the skimmer cone, without reducing air or water flow.
  • Quiet operation, with vibration absorbing components and a large air intake silencer.
  • 3 assembly options for flexible positioning of the pump inlet and regulation valve, according to your sump.
  • FoamView™ window in the collection cup to easily monitor and adjust the foam height.
  • Built-in manual neck cleaner.
  • Precision geared valve for positive flow regulation.
  • Quick release pump holder for ease of maintenance.
  • Drainage port with 1m valved hose.

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The Cove I 160 is a skimmer for operation inside the filter basin.
The Cove I-160 DC is connected to our new very quiet UP 2000/1 skimmer V24 pump
Operated. These BLDC motor pumps are particularly distinguished by their ruihgen barrel
We recommend the skimmer for seawater aquariums from 250 to 650 liters.
The ideal water level should be between 16 cm and 22 cm.

 Technical data.

  • Dimensions of the skimmer:
  • Width 210 mm, length 280, height 525 mm
  • tool-free disassembly of the entire skimmer and the pump
  • very fast dismantling of the reactor tube possible by bayonet fitting

An additional 38 mm must be planned for the removal of the foam pot, to the height of the skimmer for installation in the cabinet technology basin.

Technical data of the pump:

  • UP 2000/1 skimmer V24 (0-22 watts)
  • 24V DC
  • 0 – 22 watts infinitely adjustable
  • POM Nadelrag
  • 2 meters mains line
  • Low noise and durable due to ceramic shaft and ceramic plain bearing bushings