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Wavemaker Guards 
With the recent influx of 3D printed products hitting the market, there have been a handful of innovative products. The new NemProtect stands out as a really great answer to the needs of anemone keepers everywhere. Flow is a critical element in reef and anemone tanks, but powerheads pose a serious risk to wandering anemones. Not only can a powerhead destroy a prized anemone, but the result can threaten the entire tank if not caught immediately.

One of the most popular solutions for in-tank flow is the Ecotech Vortech pumps. While the foam guards can keep anemones from getting pulled into the wet side cage, they clog quickly with detritus and reduce flow dramatically. The new NemProtect guards create a greater surface area for water flow while simultaeniously diffusing the intake suction and increasing distance from the powerhead. The Nemprotect literally just slips onto the wet side of the Vortech pump and stays put via friction fit. The front of the cover comes off, facilitating removal from the wet side for maintenance. Anemones can’t get through the numerous tiny holes, and the high surface area of the guard avoids clogging and reduces flow loss. The result is a long-lasting, low maintenance anemone guard that improves overall flow in the system; a win-win!


    • Wider, gentler intake flow
    • Reduced flow loss
    • Long lasting
  • Low maintenance