Ocean Free Hydra Internal Filter


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The Hydra Aquatic Depurator may aesthetically resemble like a normal Internal filter in the market, however what sets it apart is the technology within that results in unparalleled performance of Hydra Aquatic Depurator to enhance your fish keeping experience.

  • Detoxifies harmful wastes like Ammonia (NH3) and Nitrite (NO2) to help hobbyists maintain purer water and a healthier aquarium
  • Breaks down Protein and nutrients
  • Helps reduce aquarium startup time (Nitrogen Cycle) and prevent New Tank Syndrome
  • Minimize frequency of water change thus saving time and greater savings on your utility bills
  • Minimize unpleasant smell from aquarium water
  • Improves water clarity
  • For Marine and Freshwater aquarium applications
Model Description Flow Rates (l/h) Suitable Tank Sizes (l)
IF101 Hydra 20 400 Between 50 – 100
IF102 Hydra 30 600 Between 100 – 200
IF103 Hydra 40 800 Between 200 – 500
IF104 Hydra 50 1000 Between 500 – 800

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