Seachem Beetle Diffuser 27mm


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The 30 mm glass Beetle Diffuser is a pollen style CO2 diffuser that connects to CO2 injection systems to easily disperse CO2 gas into the planted aquarium. The large surface area of the 27 mm disc allows for the diffusion of large volumes of CO2 gas, making the 27 mm Beetle Diffuser an excellent choice for mid-sized aquaria or higher-growth aquaria.

Compatible with 6 mm (1/4″) – Standard Airline Tubing. Suction cups included.

  • For aquariums 75-190 L
  • Preferred pollen-style diffuser for large aquaria or high-growth aquaria
  • Large surface area of diffuser disc ideal for high



A: A larger disc gives a greater surface area through which CO2 can be diffused, which can become important when trying to inject large volumes of CO2. Ideally, larger discs are used in larger or more heavily planted aquariums. Seachem provides recommendations for aquarium sizes on the diffuser and in the product description.

A: First, check that your tank has a volume CO2 and pressure on the line via any gauges. Second, check any bubble counter in line to see if you have flow of CO2. Next, check for any kinks, blockages, leaks in the line. Lastly, it is often required that the unit run 24 hours before flow of CO2is consistent. Please allow 24 hours of run time to see if there is a long-term issue.

A: To clean a diffuser, generally soaking a unit in a very small amount of bleach and warm water overnight and then soaking in fresh water with Prime or dechlorinator for a few hours is sufficient to clean away debris and algae. If this is performed without success a soak over night in water with vinegar may be necessary.